Company Profile
CAS Space is a leader in commercial spaceflight, dedicated to providing top-tier launch services for the global community. We are a mixed-ownership aerospace corporation based in China, founded by an elite team of passionate engineers and scientists who are industry leaders with over 20 years of experience in the national space program.
We envision a globally inclusive, accessible, and peaceful future for space exploration.
CAS Space subsidiaries are located in Guangzhou, Beijing, and Xi’an. Our manufacturing and testing are empowered by the newly built industrial base in Nansha, Guangzhou. A dedicated launch pad at JSLC and sea-launch capability in planning will provide versatility for your payloads.
Beijing Zhongke Aerospace Technology Co., Ltd.
A wholly-owned subsidiary of the Guangzhou headquarters, the Beijing location focuses on R&D of low-cost, highly reliable launchers with excelling payload capacity. Our space pros in Beijing innovates in system engineering and management to lower the barrier to space by dramatically reducing the financial and time cost of space missions.
CAS Space (Guangzhou) Equipment and Industry Co., Ltd.
A wholly-owned subsidiary of the Guangzhou headquarters runs our manufacturing operation. Our space pros in Guangzhou run the industrial park (Zhongke Spaceflight Technology Industrial Base), manufacture, and AIT of the launcher series to support the mass production of CAS Space’s launcher fleets.
Xi'an Zhongke Aerospace Propulsion Technology Co., Ltd.
A wholly-owned subsidiary of the Guangzhou headquarters for propulsion technologies. Our space pros in Xi’an develop advanced low-cost liquid-propellent engines. We aim to build the most cost-effective products and solutions through efficient design processes and management, cutting-edge technologies, and the full utilization of the supply chain, including the use of 3D printing.
Zhongke Spaceflight Technology Industrial Base
With a covered area of 400,000 m2 (~ 100 acres) in planning, the industrial park will support the R&D, manufacturing, Assembly, Integration, and Testing (AIT) for both liquid and solid-propellent vehicles. The park will serve as a provincial foundation to attract a broader range of commercial spaceflight enterprises from upstream to downstream sectors.

Our effort in developing the industrial park will be based upon our unique strength of lean, digitalized, and intelligent system engineering and management to create an internationally competent space industry cluster.
Dedicated Launch Pad at JSLC
A commercial launch pad at Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center (JSLC) is dedicated to CAS Space’s launch missions. The launch pad is equipped with proprietary workshop buildings to allow for batch payload storage, frequent launches, and standby backups.

The 150,000 m2 dedicated commercial launch pad is designed to store 10 vehicles simultaneously and a cadence of 30 launches per year.
Development History
Sep 2019
Passing General Mission Concept
Dec 2019
Transition from Formulation Phase to
Implementation Phase
Jul 2020
Announcing the all-new brand logo
Feb 2021
Contract signed for launching “Nanyue Science
Satellite”, a GNSS-R satellite designed specifically
for education and scientific research in the
Guangdong region.
May 2021
First full-system test run of the 20-tonne force LOX/kerosene engine
“Xuan Yuan 1” resulted in successful completion.
Jul 2022
The inaugural flight of Kinetica 1 vehicle successfully
delivered six scientific payloads into designated
Jul 2023
CAS Space Industrial Park
was officially completed
for launch vehicle
production on Jan 10, 2023.
Jun 7, 2023
Kinetica 1’s Y2 mission sends 26
satellites into orbits on Jun 7, 2023
from JSLC. The mission was a
complete success.
On October 2, 2023
CAS Space became a member of
the International Astronautical
Jan 2019
Official project kick-off of Lijian-1
(Kinetica 1)
Nov 2019
Passing Mission Implementation
Concept Review
Nov 2020
CAS Space was awarded "Top 30 in Chinese Commercial
Spaceflight" and "Top 10 in Satellite Internet New
Infrastructure Spaceflight" by Cyzone and iYiou.
Mar 2021
Prototype demonstration successfully conducted for reusable sea launchers.
Dec 2021
CAS Space was awarded “Top 50 of Fengyun List 2021” and “Top 50 of
Hardcore Technology Industry Investment 2021” by the investment
Corporate Culture
Mission and Vision
A globally inclusive, accessible, and
peaceful age for space exploration
Cultural Philosophy
  • The power of science makes a better world.
  • Space technologies serve the public.
Design Philosophy
  • Design with universalness and simplicity.
  • Build with sophistication and reliability.
A Team of Space Pros
The space pros at CAS Space include both Long March veterans and new-generation talents of nearly 300 people. Over 60% of the team received a Master’s degree or above, and over 40% have reached middle or senior engineering certificates. The team has an average of 10 years of experience in launch vehicle development.