Kinetica-1 Launch Vehicle
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Kinetica 1 also known as Lijian 1 (力箭一号, lit. Power Rocket One) is a four-stage solid-propellent launch vehicle capable of delivering 1500 kg of payload to Sun-Synchronous Orbit (SSO).

Kinetica 1 is developed to significantly reduce payload cost per mass in anticipation of the booming commercial space economy with includes competitive payload capability and cost, robust orbital insertion accuracy, high reliability, availability on short notice and logistical versatility.
Product parameters:
Length : 30m
Lift-off Mass: 135 t
Payload Capacity: 1.5 t (500km/SSO) 2.0 t (200km/40 °)
Diameter: 2.65 m
Fairing Diameter: 2.65m
Kinetic 1A launch vehicle is a four-stage bundled vehicle based on solid-propellent Common Booster Cores (CBC). The vehicle is configured with three solid-propellent stages and a non-cryogenic bipropellant liquid upper stage. Three parallel universal solid-propellent boosters provide a stronger lift-off thrust. Modular design and combinations ensure the flexibility of the design while significantly improving the launch capability and cost-effectiveness.Kinetic 1A provides excellent space in its fairing capsulation for efficient constellation construction and cargo transport missions.
Product parameters:
Height: 42 m
Lift-off Mass: 445 t
Payload Capacity: 5.6 t (500 km/SSO) 8 t (400 km/LEO)
Boosters Diameter: 2.65m (CBC)
Fairing Diameter: 4.2m
Kinetica 2 launch vehicle is a small, low-cost intelligent liquid-propellent launch vehicle in a two-stage-to-orbit configuration. The first and second stages adopt CAS Space’s 80-tonne (Xuanyuan 2) and 15-tonne (Xuanyuan 1) low-cost open-cycle LOX/kerosene rocket engines, respectively. Through highly integrated electrical system hardware, integrated spacecraft information management system, autonomous fault identification and remediation, Kinetica 2 achives intelligent launch and flight managment. It is an upcoming solution ideal for rapid satellite replacement for LEO constellation or emergency launches.
Product parameters:
Height : 37m
Lift-off Mass : 204 t
Payload Capacity : 2.2 t (500km/SSO)
Diameter : 3.35 m
Fairing Diameter : 3.35 m
Kinetica 3 series will be configured with universal liquid-propellent core stages. . The first and second stages will both adopt 80-tonne low-cost open-cycle LOX/kerosene engines, and the universal core stage is equipped with a foldable grid rudder and deployable landing buffer mechanism for recovery or reusability. An optional third stage will utilize 15-tonne low-cost open-cycle LOX/kerosene engine.

Kinetica 3 will be in three-stage tandem configuration primarily purposed for launching LEO constellations.
Product parameters:
Height : 53 m
Lift-off Mass : 476 t
Payload Capacity : 7.8 t (500 km/SSO)
Reusable : 6.1 t (500 km/SSO)
Diameter : 3.8 m
Fairing Diameter : 4.2 m
Kinetica 3 heavy-lift version will be in a two-and-a-half-stage configuration that can meet the demand for large-scale LEO though parallel configuration of Common Boosters Core. In addition, for higher orbit such as geosynchronous orbit and lunar transfer orbit, the launch vehicle can be optionally equipped with a high-performance upper stage to further improve mission capabilities.
Product parameters:
Height : 50m
Lift-off Mass : 1269 t
Payload Capacity : 13.8 t (500 km/SSO)
Reusable : 10.5 t (500 km/SSO)
Boosters Diameter : 3.8 m (CBC)
Fairing Diameter : 4.2 m
Near Space Science
Experiment Platform
The Near-space Experimental Reusable Platform (NEXT-REP) is a reusable sub-orbital experimental platform providing a long microgravity duration for micro-g research such as complex fluid rheological behavior, atmospheric isotope measurements, interfacial phenomena and space micro-nano fabrication and more.
Product parameters:
Height : 10m
Lift-off Mass : 10.5t
Apogee above sea-level : 120-300km
Time in space (> 100 km above sea-level) : 150-450s
Payload Capacity : 0.1 - 0.8 t
Reusability : > 5 times
Space Tourism Vehicle
The space tourism vehicle combines a single-stage booster stage and a tourist capsule with a diameter of 3.35m. It isequipped with five 15 tonne-force LOX/kerosene engines. The tourist capsule is designed to carry 7 passengers with 4 panoramic portholes.

A launch/landing site is under planning with a theme-park, an experience center and educational facilities where space travelers will receive short-term training before departing Earth, During the 10-minute travel off-Earth, the passengers will experience 3 minutes of free fall above the Kármán line. Afterwards, the tourist capsule comfortably returns to the landing site using parachutes.

The space tourism projects will allow a launch per every 5 days by rotation of 10 vehicles maintained at the theme park.
Product parameters:
Height : 15 m
Lift-off Mass : 70 t
Apogee above sea-level : 100-120 km
Time in space (> 100 km above sea-level) 300 -550 s

Payload Capacity : 1.5 t - 2 t
Reusability : > 30 times
Xuan Yuan 1
“Xuan Yuan 1” liquid-propellent engine uses non-toxic and non-polluting LOX/kerosene propellants using a gas-generator cycle scheme capable of multiple restarts under variable operating conditions. The engine design is guided by the philosophy of modularization with 3D-printed components to reduce manufacturing cost and shorten production cycles. Xuan Yuan 1 will be powering small vehicles as the booster stage, medium vehicles as second/third stages or sub-orbital vehicles as the primary engine. Its design allows for reusable designs as booster stage.
VTVL Test 2023 Q1
Xuan Yuan 2
“Xuan Yuan 2” liquid-propellent engine is powered by LOX/kerosene with a much more powerful thrust than Xuan Yuan 1. It is based on a gas-generator cycle design and is capable of multiple restarts in variable operating conditions. The philosophy of modularization with 3D-printed components is further applied to the design process. It provides the main power as a booster or second stage for medium or heavy vehicles and can be reused when used as a booster stage.
Top-of-class Payload Capacity
Kinetica 1 sends 2 tonnes into LEO, with future models covering all your needs.
Affordable Access
We provide competitive pricing and technical services to streamline your launch projects. Dedicated and efficient launch pads allows short lead time and rapid mission cycles.
Full coverage of inclination
Both land-based and sea-based launches will be available to suit your mission requirements.
Kinetica 1
Kinetica 1 is developed to significantly reduce payload cost per mass in anticipation of the booming commercial space economy with competitive payload capacity and cost. The vehicle is manufactured to meet demands of rapid launch cadence with high reliability and logistical versatility.