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Kinetica-1 Launch Vehicle
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Kinetica – 1
Kinetica - 1 is a veteran solid-propellant launch vehicle with a 100% success rate. First launched in July 2022, the launcher has successfully sent 37 payloads in three separate missions, and many more are to come. Kinetica – 1 has entered a regular flight schedule for dedicated, ridesharing or piggyback missions internationally. Email us if you would like your payload to be onboard in our next flight!
Product parameters:
Height: 30 m
Lift-off mass: 135 t
Payload Capacity: 1.5 t (500 km/SSO)
2 t (LEO)
Core Stage Diameter: 2.65 m
Lift-off Thrust: 200 t
Kinetica – 2
Kinetica–2 is a medium-lift liquid-propellant launch vehicle under development. It provides a robust, reliable and low-cost solution to constellation building and cargo transportation using generalized, serialized and modularized design based on established technologies. Kinetica-2 will serve missions to SSO, LEO, and GTO as a force to be reckoned with in the era of commercial space 3.0.
Product parameters:
Height: 52 m
Take-off Mass: 625 t
Payload Capacity: 8 t (500 km/SSO)
12 t(LEO)
Core-Stage Diameter: 3.35 m(CBC)
Fairing Diameter: 4.2 m
Lift-off Thrust: 766 t
Reusability :> 20 times
Kinetica – 2H
Kinetica-2H is a reusable, two-stage-to-orbit launcher based on Kinetica-2 enhanced with four boosters to achieve a payload capacity above 20 tonnes. It is an even more capable workhorse for massive constellations.
Product parameters:
Height: 56 m
Lift-off Mass: 913 t
Payload Capacity: 15 t (500 km/SSO)
22 t (LEO)
Core-Stage Diameter: 3.35 m (CBC)
Fairing Diameter: 4.2 m/5 m
Reusability :> 20 times
Space Tourism Vehicle
The Space Tourism Vehicle will be built with a single-stage sub-orbital orbit and an observation pod. The observation pod seats 7 travelers and offers panoramic views. In the 10-minute journey, the travelers will breakthrough the Kármán line at 100 km high, and experience zero-gravity for as long as three minutes. The pod will be landed safely through parachute at the conclusion of the journey.
CAS Space’s space tourism project will achieve a launch interval of 100 hours. A theme park will be built with ten vehicles in rotating service. The theme park, as the name suggests, is more than a launch and recovery ground for the vehicle. It is designed with a space experience center, a theme park, and an educational center where the travelers will be trained for their space journey.
Product parameters:
Height: 21 m
Lift-off Mass: 79 t
Apogee above sea-level: 100-120 km
Time in space (> 100 km above sea-level) 300-550 s
Payload Capacity: 1,000 kg
Flight Duration: 300 – 550 s
Reusability: >30 times
Xuan Yuan 1
“Xuan Yuan 1” liquid-propellent engine uses non-toxic and non-polluting LOX/kerosene propellants using a gas-generator cycle scheme capable of multiple restarts under variable operating conditions. The engine design is guided by the philosophy of modularization with 3D-printed components to reduce manufacturing cost and shorten production cycles. Xuan Yuan 1 will be powering small vehicles as the booster stage, medium vehicles as second/third stages or sub-orbital vehicles as the primary engine. Its design allows for reusable designs as booster stage.
VTVL Test 2023 Q1
Xuan Yuan 2
“Xuan Yuan 2” liquid-propellent engine is powered by LOX/kerosene with a much more powerful thrust than Xuan Yuan 1. It is based on a gas-generator cycle design and is capable of multiple restarts in variable operating conditions. The philosophy of modularization with 3D-printed components is further applied to the design process. It provides the main power as a booster or second stage for medium or heavy vehicles and can be reused when used as a booster stage.
Top-of-class Payload Capacity
Kinetica 1 sends 2 tonnes into LEO, with future models covering all your needs.
Affordable Access
We provide competitive pricing and technical services to streamline your launch projects. Dedicated and efficient launch pads allows short lead time and rapid mission cycles.
Full coverage of inclination
Both land-based and sea-based launches will be available to suit your mission requirements.
Kinetica – 2
We are now in full thrust towards our next vehicle, the Kinetica – 2. The inaugural launch is expected in 2025. Stay in touch for more details! And contact us to book your launches.